The Ultimate Resource
Funding was provided by:
The Barney Family Foundation
The Green Children Foundation
Production Credits
Produced by: Katherine Anderson
Directed by: Jim Taylor
Written By: Katherine Anderson & Thomas Skinner
Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner & Bob Chitester
Field Producer: Barbara Potter
Camera / Editor: Jim Taylor
Production Manager /
Sound Recording:
Barbara Potter
Narrator: Vita Corimbi
Production Coordinator: Tara L. Schupp
Post Production Services: Resolution Productions, Inc.
Graphics Design: Subatomic Digital
Sound Mix: Chris Albertine
Translators & Transcribers:
Denise Nagelschmidt
Cepan Chen
Susan Rozario
Richard Vormawor
David Wells
Gabriel Daly
Habib Nazmul
Ene Piirak
Emmanuel Amoah
Special Thanks:
Juan Pulgar-Vidal
Gabriel Daly
Almudena Fernandez
Miriam Gago
Institute for Liberty and Democracy
Emma Gyamera
Richard Vormawor
Alex Afari
Theophilus Quaye
The Teachers and Students of Supreme Academy
International Educational Assessment and Research Association
Nurjahan Begum
Mahah Mirza
Golam Morshed Mohammed
Vidar Jorgensen
The Employees of Grameen Bank
Ants-Martin Verhur
Estonia Concert Hall
Consonant Works, Inc.
Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
The Employees of the Estonia Piano Company
Ying Yichun
Lily Li
Yuan Hao
Zhang Yiou
ShengJian Yuuzhou Industrial Park
The Employees of Snail Game
The Welcoming People of El Palomar, Peru
Fanaa and Bortianor, Ghana
Gonokbari and Bostol, Bangladesh
Tallinn, Estonia
Shanghai and Suzhou, China

This production has been inspired by the work of economist Julian Simon and his book “The Ultimate Resource.”
The title has been used with permission of the Julian Simon estate.

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